• Design Defines Our Lifestyle

    Since 2002 Ruscio Studio, an award-winning interior design firm located in Montreal, has served both the local and international communities. The recent renovation of a 19th century three-story-plex, in the historic St-Henri neighborhood of Montreal, is one of those special projects—a microcosm of contemporary design that pays homage to the cultural context of its roots.

  • The Small Armored One—A Legend Improved

    In Enderby, British Columbia, Mike and Jason Jong are reimagining a legend in the world of travel campers with the Armadillo Trailer. Born into a family of outdoor enthusiasts, the brothers have worked by their father’s side manufacturing, repairing and renovating RVs their entire lives.

  • Avon Maitland School District

    Education environments have changed with the times. Gone are the days of the sterile schoolhouse with simple chalkboards and dull wooden desks; schools are increasingly recognizing the importance of a well-designed setting to stimulate students and staff alike.