• IA Interior Architects, Atlanta

    After 20 years in the same location, IA Interior Architects, Atlanta recently unveiled its stunning new studio combining southern hospitality with an industrial vibe. Located in the popular Atlantic Station district, the environment emphasizes community, sustainability, creativity and functionality. Arborite, whose own ethos resonates with the same values, is pleased to have two of its most innovative products (anti-fingerprint and in-registered embossed laminates) specified within the project.

  • Caring for Caregivers

    The expansion of the Brunswick Medical Centre (BMC) in Point-Claire, Québec, was designed to provide the patients  and the staff  an enhanced healthcare experience.  Originally, the clinic housed approximately 5000 m2 of its medical and administrative services in separate buildings due to lack of space.  ékm architecture + aménagement Montréal, was awarded the project, which included a new four-story structure adding 6000 m2 of space and bringing all medical and administrative services together under one roof.  Special attention was given to the second floor, which houses amenities to improve the work environment for staff.

  • Crossroads of Success - St-Jean-Eudes College

    The history of St-Jean-Eudes College, a private French-language high school in Québec spans over 80 years.  Yet administrators know that to remain relevant in the continually changing landscape of education it is crucial to evolve to meet the cultural, intellectual, and technological needs of students.

  • Agatha Boutique – Children’s clothing and decor

    Arborite’s urban stone laminate designs can easily be incorporated into retail spaces. Read more to find out how. 

  • Renovation of iconic Kirk Douglas estate

    Any fan of mid-century modern style will enjoy this case study about the recent renovation of the iconic Kirk Douglas Estate. Thank you to Save Room for Design, for sharing the project where owner/architect Diane Bald talks to Megan at Monogram, about integrating 21st century elements into her 50s-era home and staying true to the mid-century design aesthetic without becoming a caricature.  

  • Design Defines Our Lifestyle

    Since 2002 Ruscio Studio, an award-winning interior design firm located in Montreal, has served both the local and international communities. The recent renovation of a 19th century three-story-plex, in the historic St-Henri neighborhood of Montreal, is one of those special projects—a microcosm of contemporary design that pays homage to the cultural context of its roots.

  • The Small Armored One—A Legend Improved

    In Enderby, British Columbia, Mike and Jason Jong are reimagining a legend in the world of travel campers with the Armadillo Trailer. Born into a family of outdoor enthusiasts, the brothers have worked by their father’s side manufacturing, repairing and renovating RVs their entire lives.

  • Avon Maitland School District

    Education environments have changed with the times. Gone are the days of the sterile schoolhouse with simple chalkboards and dull wooden desks; schools are increasingly recognizing the importance of a well-designed setting to stimulate students and staff alike.