HPL : Material Solutions by Design

With great design comes great responsibility. Current circumstances amplify the demand for surfaces that not only look great but are non-porous and cleanable.

Suppliers to the A&D industry are always eager to talk about products matching the latest design trends. At Arborite, we look at things a little differently. Our responsibility is to look at the big picture and anticipate solutions to best serve designers’ needs. 

Arborite HPL is a durable surface AND a long-lasting material. It is often the last thing specified in a project - so it must complement and not compete with other materials. And HPL typically endures several refreshment cycles during which trendier, more delicate and easier- to update surfaces (such as paint and soft surfaces) are replaced.

Our obligation is to provide lasting solutions. We study long-arching trends across the materials our HPL will be specified with. We glean knowledge from focus groups with architects and designers to identify prevalent color stories and material performance requirements.

We bring these insights home to Montréal- then sort through the data and research, letting them show us what the specification community needs from our laminate. Those guidelines combine with our Montréal culture, and voilà! Arborite’s distinct brand: European-inspired design solutions translated for North American applications.

Most importantly, we develop our HPL to give the A&D community peace of mind.

Need a surface that looks and feels like veneer, but can stand up to frequent cleaning and disinfection? We’ve got your back.

Need designs to be versatile and minimalistic, so they can play supporting roles within any of the predominant color stories? We have those, too.




Stay tuned, in this series, we’ll explore the contemporary drivers behind three main color arcs: 

Also, check out our technical information here regarding cleanability, maintenance and CDC guidelines - and specify HPL with confidence. Discover our new collection. 

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Published at: 09-14-2020