A Collection of Laminate Solutions for all Projects

Arborite’s Latest Collection Responds to Market Trends and A&D Insight


(NOVEMBER 4, 2019 - Montréal, Canada) For each launch Arborite studies material samples, researches market trends and spends hundreds of hours talking to the A&D community. 

“We bring these insights home to Montréal, and then we sort, letting the complementary materials and the people who specify them show us what they need from our laminate,” said Terry Gentile, laminates marketing and design specialist for Arborite. “We know our product is the last specified. To provide real solutions we have to make sure our designs enhance the other components of a commercial project- rather than compete with them.” 

New Designs 

Each of the 34 designs in the new collection was conceived with careful attention to scale, color and movement to ensure they complement current and emerging trends. 

Flooring with its definitive area, is increasingly delivering large-scale patterns. With beautiful, bold aesthetics underfoot, Arborite developed its new collection to be timeless and minimalist.  The quiet woodgrains and small-scale abstract patterns of the laminates work with other materials to create harmonious spaces.

In soft surfaces, color-stories are saturated with rich jewel, spice and nature hues. In response, Arborite crafted its new designs with specific warm and cool undertones to ensure they fit within different palettes while maintaining color integrity. Arborite’s panache for woodgrains is evident in 21 new designs that respond to European trends. Lighter wood tones invoke Scandinavian sensibilities. Grey, charcoal and mid-tone brown woodgrain designs with gentle structure take the place of outdated orange/cognac colored woods.

Thirteen new small-scale abstract patterns focus on natural and organic hues. Drawing inspiration from fabric and geometric patterns, these laminates are soothing with elegance and longevity.   

New Surfaces

This launch also includes two fresh finishes and a revolutionary surface technology. 

  • Casual Walnut (CW)finish responds to demand for matte woodgrain looks.
  • Artisan Walnut (AW)is a new registered embossed finish carrying texture that exactly matches the design for unprecedented fidelity. 
  • PURE Available in four colors with a luxurious, velvety texture, this fingerprint-resistant technology ensures high-traffic areas stay smudge-free. 


New designs – abstracts:

Denim- Inspired by the classic textile in which the warp thread is dyed while the weft thread is left white, Denim features a diagonal ribbing that is refined and pleasing. A work horse that may be dressed up or dressed down, our Denim is available in a range of colorations from warm neutrals to traditional blue. 

Illusion- Intriguing and versatile, Illusion incorporates both organic woodgrain elements and abstract geometric elements into a finely-built design.  

Chambray- Named for a distinctive weave of linen that produces a mottled appearance, Chambray’s organic, fiberous look offers neutral tones that blend beautifully with woodgrains. 

City- Like intersecting streets in a metropolitan landscape, City balances movement with order for a series of designs that are sophisticated and inclusive.  


New designs – woodgrains:

Artisan Walnut- The elegant straight grain of walnut makes this classic wood a well-respected standard. Elevated by the application of the new registered embossed AW (Artisan Walnut) finish, our Artisan Walnuts carry texture that exactly matches the design for unprecedented fidelity.     

Contemporary Maple- These carefully-crafted maple designs were built with warm and cool undertones to prevent color-flipping and ensure the look stays true in any application. 

Scandinavian Ash- The structure of Scandinavian Ash is soothing, offering design longevity that harmonizes with bolder patterns and colors. 

Arcadian Oak- Arcadian Oak delivers a substantial wood aesthetic, yet the subtle grain and gentle coloration prevent the design from being heavy or demanding. 

Nordic Wood- Minimalist and unpretentious, Nordic Wood’s easily pleasing structure is clean and comforting. The design’s new low sheen CW (Casual Wood) finish adds visual interest with soft ticking.  

About Arborite
With over 70 years of experience in decorative high-pressure laminate manufacturing, Montreal-based Arborite delivers inspired contemporary surfacing solutions. The company excels in supplying designers, architects, and specifiers with the perfect laminate for any space, allowing them to choose from a range of premium textures and over 200 colors. All Arborite laminates are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, and over 80% of their product offering is certified by the FSC.


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Published at: 11-04-2019