Arborite Produces Endangered Woodgrain Patterns Laminates Provide Alternate Sustainable Solutions by Mimicking Endangered Wood

In response to a demand for genuine rare wood, Montreal-based laminate manufacturer Arborite has released Teak, Afromosia, Rosewood, and Macassar patterns as part of its Woodgrain Collection. Each variation provides a strikingly authentic resemblance to real wood texture while maintaining the affordability and utility of laminate.

Although the Lacey Act prohibits trade of wood species like Teak and Rosewood, these endangered trees are frequently harvested and sold illegally. From disposable chopsticks to plywood, illegally harvested wood is extremely prevalent in today’s society.

The ripple effects of illegal harvesting are catastrophic, not only affecting the trees within a forest, but offsetting entire ecosystems. Of the 25,000 tree species in the world, 10% are threatened (vulnerable or at risk of extinction) and 1,000 are critically endangered (currently facing the risk of extinction).

By mimicking endangered and threatened wood species, Arborite offers a convenient alternative to unsustainable and illegal harvesting of wood. The surrogate use of laminate encourages social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Arborite’s Woodgrain collection includes four endangered wood patterns in various shades:

Teak: Native to south Asia, teak wood’s high oil content and strength under tension made it a traditional material for outdoor furniture, boatbuilding, window frames, and beams. Now, its tight grain and stunning reddish brown color provide a seemly fit for upscale residencies, hotels, and corporate headquarters.
W429 Vanilla Bean Tekka
W430 Pecan Tekka
W431 Cashew Tekka

Afromosia: Known for its wide color range from deep golden to dark walnut, afromosia is grown in West Africa. It creates a uniform, beautiful look in residential cabinets, flooring, and furniture.
W445 Afromosia Congo
W446 Afromosia Cameroon
W447 Afromosia Ghana
W448 Afromosia Nigeria

Rosewood: Naturally growing in South America, Asia, Mexico, and Madagascar, Rosewood’s rich brown color and straight grain provides a versatile choice for everything from tables to flooring.
W424 Mocha Rosewood
W425 Burnished Rosewood

Macassar: From Southeast Asia, macassar wood is marked by its dramatic striped appearance, somewhat similar to zebrawood. Its reddish body with dark brown stripes make it a unique solution for cabinetry and tabletops.
W435 Macassar Russet
W436 Macassar Auburn
W437 Macassar Ebony

About Arborite
With over 60 years of experience in decorative high-pressure laminate manufacturing, Arborite delivers inspired contemporary surfacing solutions. The company excels in supplying designers, architects, and specifiers with the perfect laminate for any space, allowing them to choose from a range of premium textures and over 200 colors. All Arborite laminates are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, and over 50% of their product offering is certified by the FSC.

Published at: 06-01-2014