Arborite Presents New Surface Textures

Including Registered Embossing for Unprecedented Realism


(November 4, 2019 - Montréal, Canada) Two new surface textures enhance Arborite’s solution-based commercial design launch. 

“Our laminates are developed to be versatile, and because the material is so durable the designs also have to be timeless,” said Terry Gentile, laminates marketing and design specialist for Arborite. “In application, our product grounds the overall look while the other complementary materials such as fabric and flooring are on the forefront. Specific surface finishes enhance the look and feel of our designs without compromising their subtle functionality.” 

Arborite invested in two new specialty finishes to add value to the new collection. Both reflect the market preference for matte wood looks, with one making use of leading-edge registered embossing technology. 

Casual Wood (CW) finish: Developed to enhance the raw, natural characteristics of woodgrain, Arborite’s Casual Wood texture responds to trending interest in matte finishes. With soft wood ticking and low-sheen, this texture provides an understated weathered feel. Available on new designs:

  • Nordic Wood W480-W484 A minimalist Scandinavian woodgrain with clean structure offering crisp light colors and welcoming mid-tone to dark grey variations. 
  • Arcadian Oak W489-W491 Tone-on-tone coloration makes this gently distressed woodgrain more useable. Natural and raw characteristics are subtly highlighted by the finish. Available in a light whitewashed color, golden honey tone and warm charcoal grey. 

Artisan Walnut (AW) finish:  Arborite is pleased to offer the latest in registered embossed technology. The new Artisan Walnut (AW) finish carries texture that exactly matches the design for unprecedented fidelity. Available in nine variations of:

  • Artisan Walnut W2001-W2009 The elegant straight grain of this timeless wood makes it a well-respected standard. Actual walnut veneers were cross referenced to develop the colorations in this design family, which ranges from bleached natural walnut to traditional warm red/brown to mid-tone greys and warm charcoal. The precise alignment of texture and pattern gives Artisan Walnut beautiful integrity of look and feel with the performance of laminate.  
Published at: 11-05-2019