Arborite Introduces New Surface Textures

Ultra Smooth and Legno: Two Ways to Finish Strong

(July 2019- Montréal, Canada) Applying the right finish to a laminate design is an easy and cost-effective way to enhance the look of a space. Arborite is pleased to introduce two new textures, each carefully developed to amplify the best features of depth, color and light play for some of its most popular designs.
“Finishes greatly enhance laminates, creating a more luxurious or realistic feel,” said Terry Gentile, laminates marketing and design specialist for Arborite. “Responding to industry trends, we added two new sophisticated tactile textures to our collection of finishes.”
Premium finishes are available for a minimal upcharge- elevating the fidelity of a project while keeping the overall cost lower than using natural wood or stone.
Legno (LE) offers matte and gloss combinations giving the look and feel of real wood with a fine, striated, irregular grain. Available with:

Blonde Modern Cherry (W464)


Mocha Modern Cherry (W465)


Auburn Modern Cherry (W466)


Arabica Modern Cherry (W467)


Summer Elm (W459)


Winter Elm (W460)


Fumed American Elm (W468)


Noir American Elm (W469)


Brilliant Glamour Oak (W470)


Dusky Glamour Oak (W471)


Uptown Urban Walnut (W474)


Downtown Urban Walnut (W475)


Ultra Smooth (UL) is a matte, soft finish available in several patterns and stone looks:


Ruched Chiffon (P391)


Diamond Textura (P3005)


Silver Textura (P3006)


Monolith (P407)


Versailles Marble (P1016)


Carrara Venato (P1015)




Published at: 07-10-2019