Arborite Introduces 36 new Designs That Play Well With Others

Patterns and hues conceived to complement other materials and create powerful spaces
Montréal, QUÉBEC (October 2017)
To create an interior is to translate a story into an experience. Finishes work together to resonate with the purpose and personality of the space.  
In Montréal there is a motto, “Concordia Salus.” It means “well-being through harmony.”
For nearly 70 years the iconic French Canadian laminate manufacturer Arborite has developed decorative surfaces that unite. Patterns combine digital modern with vintage. Woodgrains connect nature with sustainable material technologies. Colors ease euro-styling into North America.
The new offering includes an original finish texture and 36 fresh designs (7 Pearlescent, 9 Patterns, 10 Woodgrains, 10 Solid Colors)- but this launch is less about each design, and more about how they harmonize with other materials. “It’s customary for companies to push their design rationale,” said Terry Gentile, marketing and design director for Arborite, “but I’d rather tell the trend stories that inspire our work. So when architects and designers are searching for ways to express how a project is supposed to feel, they understand we are coming from the same place. That we consider more than just the laminate.”
True fashion is, after all, reflection of culture and anthropology.
Three concepts underlie Arborite’s new designs.
Simplicity & Authenticity: Feels like mindfulness, vitality and wellness. Timeless and uncluttered aesthetics that encourage healthy reflection and minimize fragmented distraction.
Mixed Metals: Feels warmer than the austere stainless finishes of the recent uber modern trend. Replies to rose gold and copper accents found in functional roles like lighting and hardware.  
Refined Industrial Elegance: Allows for juxtaposition with clean white and new neutrals. Provides context for oxidized metals, chunky textures, reclaimed materials and concrete. Eliminates gloss vs. matte because both can be effective in application.  
Contact Cindy-Lyne Fréchette at to order samples or for more information. Visit the Arborite Visualizer to explore the new designs in new room scenes.

About Arborite
With nearly 70 years of experience in decorative high-pressure laminate manufacturing, Montréal-based Arborite delivers inspired contemporary surfacing solutions. The company excels in supplying designers, architects, and specifiers with the perfect laminate for any space, allowing them to choose from a range of premium textures and over 200 designs. As a part of the Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces global organization, Arborite is driven by a mission to create surfaces people love, with service you can count on, delivered by people who care. All Arborite laminates are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, and over 80% of their product offering is certified by the FSC. For more information visit or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Published at: 09-27-2017