Launch your career with Arborite! Many opportunities are available.

Life within our company

To give the right direction from the start is profitable to everyone … That is why we have entry programs for new employees

Our objectives: ease your integration within the company and show the importance we give to human resources.

Our employees then have access to a complete training program developed by our in-house training department. Are you one of those who wish to develop and update your knowledge throughout your career? Our made-to-measure training program gives exactly that option!

Our employees: a particular concern

For many years, Arborite has managed to carve out a place for itself among its competitors. We can strongly assert that Arborite’s reputation is owed to the quality of its service and its products, long since appreciated by its clients. However, if the company manages to deliver high quality products within reasonable time and with professionalism, it is because Team Arborite makes it happen.

At Arborite, we are aware that our most valuable resources are no other than our employees. We are concerned with recruiting the right person for the right job and once employed, we are determined to keep our employees by offering them not only great working conditions but also a stimulating and rewarding working environment.

We also want to give our employees all the support and resources necessary to their own professional development. In creating involved and responsible teams, a company can become more and more indispensable and can most certainly achieve success!

Our appreciation of diversity

At Arborite, we think it is important to offer a fair and inclusive workplace that respects and values employees’ contribution and uniqueness.

As a company that believes in the right to fairness and equality, we recognize each of our employees own needs and characteristics. In turn, we can ensure full integration of our employees within our company.

It is also important for us that team Arborite works at maintaining a corporate culture where diversity is considered a key element to the growth of the company. Furthermore, with the help of reliable measures and within the realm of possibility, we try to eliminate any obstacles that prevent us to integrate visible minorities, immigrants, etc.

In short, our ultimate goal is to offer a working environment where each and every employee will be able to deliver his or her full potential!

Our key values

Through each of our employees, we bring to light each day five of our key values specific to Arborite. We make no exception: everyone must conform to it. As a matter of fact, these values are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Integrity: Act the right way, for the right reasons, at all times.

The client first: Ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with our quality, our loyalty, our dependability and our sincere concern for his success.

Profitable growth: Growth of our employees, our markets as well as our company.

Passion for excellence: Continue to give « the best » and offer products and services which we can be proud of.

People: Appreciate everyone’s talent and provide the opportunities to develop and live our dreams.

Why work for Arborite?

Our working conditions

We hire and keep our employees by offering great working conditions. Besides competitive wages and benefits, we continually ensure our employees’ career development and personal learning plan. We are set on having our employees constantly develop competencies through training and support. At Arborite, it is always possible to learn more and do more in order to become an accomplished professional.

Your health and safety, our priority!

Arborite believes that …

  1. All employees have a right to a safe and secure workplace;
  2. It is possible to prevent any work-related injuries or illnesses;
  3. The use of safety measures is a shared responsibility;
  4. Working with safety in mind is a hiring condition;
  5. Sharing the best practices increases company performance.

These are the reasons why health and safety are a priority at Arborite and why they are an integral part of our business improvement process and of our decision-making process. We have a legal and moral obligation to make sure that Arborite offers the safest possible workplace.

At Arborite, occupational health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and we would like to see every employee contribute to reaching our goals.

Our training and development programs

Our training and development programs are made-to-measure ones. As a matter of fact, the employees have access to many different types of development programs specifically suited to their needs. These programs help the employees deal with the most common problems encountered. Employees are also encouraged to bring forth subject matters that may be of some importance to some specific groups of employees. These programs are greatly appreciated by the employees because they allow them to constantly broaden their knowledge, thus increasing their level of competence.

Our group sessions

Our group sessions, courtesy of Arborite’s human resources department, are destined to resolve problems and/or manage continuous improvement. These sessions are built around a specific theme that usually concerns the majority of employees. The group sessions are free and it is entirely up to the employees to participate! The ideas and suggestions brought forth during discussions are useful to our human resources department as employee satisfaction ties in with corporate success !

Be part of Team Arborite!

Our recruitment process

1- Send us your resume!


You believe that being hired at Arborite would be a good thing for you as well as for our company? Now is the time to email us your resume at so we can consider your application as quickly as possible!

Don’t forget to specify the position and the level of position you are applying for. If you are interested in more than one position, give us a brief idea of your field of interest; this will help us in evaluating your application.


2- Evaluating your application

As soon as we receive your application, we will evaluate your past experience and previous training to make sure they meet the job requirements.

We will retain your resume for six months; during that period, if there is a job opening for a position very much like you have applied for or in your field of interest, we might consider your application.

We think it is important to appoint the right person at the right position. Our goal is to create a solid and long-lasting team. We are prepared to put in all the efforts necessary in order to reach that goal.

3- Pre-employment interview

Once we’ve skimmed through your resume, we have come to the decision that it would be interesting to meet with you.

The moment has come for you to sell yourself! Bring out your skills and competencies, in short any qualifications or abilities of your own that might make of you the ideal candidate we are looking for! Be creative and distinguish yourself from the rest!

If all goes well with the interview, it won’t be long before we offer you a position at Arborite.

Unfortunately, if your application is turned down, we will inform you of our decision by mail. We will, however, keep your resume in our files for six months, so nothing’s lost!

Sectors in which we are hiring

Demand occupations

  1. Operation
  2. Mechanic (industrial and stationary machines)
  3. Electrician (industrial)
  4. Instrumentation technician
  5. Office clerk
  6. Sales representative
  7. Customer service advisor
  8. Analyst (accounting and financial)
  9. Programmer (applications, systems, Web)
  10. Production supervisor

Training: Yes

Student employment: Yes

Employment outside Québec: Yes

Industries: Industrial and manufacturing production

For more information, check our Guide de l’emploi (ge), 10th edition 2008-2009

The type of employee we are looking for

Quite obviously, to build a solid team we must choose our players.

We are looking for dynamic, hard working and dedicated candidates.

Since all the employees must adopt the key values and adapt to the corporate culture, it would be preferable that the new employees be in agreement with these basic principles and that these principles do not go against the employees’ personal values

Our employees must not only dedicate themselves to the company but also to each of their clients. We work with and for our clients and since the competition out there is fierce, we must constantly wow our clientele.